Anointed By Grace Designs Offers Unique Christian Gifts That Celebrate God’s Saving Grace

John 3:16 license plateChristian décor and gifts are wonderful ways to provide visual reminders of God’s message of salvation to the world.

Nothing is more beautiful than our sacred scriptures, and at Anointed By Grace Designs, we craft a unique line of Christian merchandise that celebrates the beauty and majesty of God’s Holy Word. We know that every day is a battle to uphold our faith and values, and that sometimes the simplest displays of faith are the most powerful.

When we started our business, we were inspired to create products that provide tangible ways to share our amazing faith. From our line of scripture-inspired adhesive car emblems to our decorative license plates and scripture bookmarks, we offer items that showcase the most powerful and meaningful Bible verses. We currently have products that feature over a dozen popular verses, and we continue to add more scriptures to our offerings.

Each product is designed to highlight a specific Biblical passage in a sleek, simple and stylish way.

For example, our Psalms 91 license plate will enhance your vehicle, while serving as both a visual reminder and evangelical tool in regards to God’s love and protection. When you display your favorite scriptures on your vehicle, you may never know how many lives you touch. While you are sitting in traffic, your inspirational car decal or license plate may just inspire someone to pull out their smart-phone and see exactly what your display means. For our design team, no prospect is more exciting than those unexpected moments when we can inadvertently touch the lives of others, and share God’s offer of eternal life, love, and peace.

If you are looking for Christian religious gifts that are unique, inspiring and offer opportunities to profess your faith, we invite you to explore our selections.

We are a faith-based company that believes in emulating Christian values in everything we do. We are committed to personalized customer service, quality products and serving God through prayerful action. We invite you to join us on our mission to spread God’s Word, and we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about Anointed By Grace Designs.


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I'm so proud of my Psalms 91 emblem by Anointed by Grace. Every day when I look at it, I am reminded of God's word, promises, and protection. Not to mention the blessing of having a specialized Psalms 91 bookmark. Glinda & Arthur are truly anointed and God is going to do amazing things in their lives and those they touch.

- Yvonne, Birmingham, AL

I believe in my life being a living testimony for Jesus Christ everywhere I go. The emblem on my car has caused people who don't even know Christ to go home and look the scripture up. Anyone who drives behind me has something to look forward to if they want to. It's quick, doesn't distract drivers, and many have become saved and praised God because of the testimony on my car and I don't even know them!

- Mrs. Pat Clark

The scripture emblems are so unique, being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else. Once I place my scripture emblem upon my cars bumper, the word of God goes forth. You cannot help but see it and read it. I thank God for anointing Glinda and her husband with this vision. Thank you so much.

- Mrs Bonnie Pippen

We love our emblems! They are such a classy way to represent Christ and encourage others while on the road!

- Michael K and Michelle Moore

After riding all weekend even at incredible speeds I am still here to tell the story...As you can see the extension holding my rear tire on my bike is more bump or even one more quick take off it could have been deadly so I'm up early thanking my God for everything!!! " PSALMS 91" is my protection scripture!!!! Thanks Anointed by Grace Designs

- Kevin Conway

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