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Anointed by Grace Designs was one of the proud sponsors of the 1st Annual Blessed Is She Women’s Conference held August 2, 2014 at the Greater Faith Christian Church in Bessemer, AL! We provided registration bags, pens, and also several Scripture Emblems(Christian Emblems) as door prizes. This was a wonderful opportunity to give back and to be a blessing to others!

What is BLESSED IS SHE? So glad you asked! Blessed Is She is a community of Christian women seeking the face of the Father! Created by women for women to encourage, support, grow, and pray.
Join us this Tuesday for an awesome time of prayer! 5:15 am CST/ 6:15 am /EST. Message a prayer request or a question! We’ll talk to you on the conference call on Tuesday. Be Blessed Too!

(712) 432-1500
Access code: 759828

This year’s conference theme was FREE TO BE ME. We had a great time celebrating the Lord and each other through prayer, praise and worship. We learned how to be confident in ourselves, our abilities, and our purpose. The conference began with a typical Tuesday morning prayer call for the first session, that turned out to be not so typical! But when the Holy Spirit takes over, you just have to follow. Many people were delivered from ailments, hurts, and pains both physically and emotionally. At this point, it was only about 11 o’clock! We shared testimonies and praise reports that really served to help other women build their faith in God’s promises. We then had a great catered lunch. After that, we had breakout sessions in small groups that really allowed us to dig deep into what confidence really is and how to exude it. Next, we received an awesome lesson on how to “soak” with the Lord from Mary Beacham, and we were even able to try it out! It was AWESOME! After a dinner break, our ears were mesmerized by the beautiful sounds of Netra Young. Then we were graced with the presence of Malinda White, a dynamic speaker, who really showed us all how to “BE FREE INDEED.” This session was open to men as well and they really took advantage of the opportunity to be blessed. After another electrifying, spirit-filled prayer session, where God really showed up and out, we were able to fellowship with each other which was a great ending to a miraculous day. This conference was definitely one that no one could afford to miss and changed the lives of all that attended!!!
Stay tuned for more information regarding next year’s conference! Until then, join us on the prayer line, Tuesday’s 5:15 am CST/ 6:15 am /EST. (712) 432-1500 Access code: 759828

Now Introducing the beautiful, remarkable Blessed Is She Ladies that made this amazing conference possible through the grace of GOD (left to right) … Glinda Mauldin, (Owner of Anointed by Grace Designs) Warnicia Johnson, Rachel Fornest, Jeanine Williams, Janell Grimes (founder of BIS), Tanecia Mitchell, Soheila McKay, and Shayla Hughes(founder of BIS.)

Blessed Is She | Luke 1:45

Blessed Is She | Luke 1:45

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I'm so proud of my Psalms 91 emblem by Anointed by Grace. Every day when I look at it, I am reminded of God's word, promises, and protection. Not to mention the blessing of having a specialized Psalms 91 bookmark. Glinda & Arthur are truly anointed and God is going to do amazing things in their lives and those they touch.

- Yvonne, Birmingham, AL

I believe in my life being a living testimony for Jesus Christ everywhere I go. The emblem on my car has caused people who don't even know Christ to go home and look the scripture up. Anyone who drives behind me has something to look forward to if they want to. It's quick, doesn't distract drivers, and many have become saved and praised God because of the testimony on my car and I don't even know them!

- Mrs. Pat Clark

The scripture emblems are so unique, being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else. Once I place my scripture emblem upon my cars bumper, the word of God goes forth. You cannot help but see it and read it. I thank God for anointing Glinda and her husband with this vision. Thank you so much.

- Mrs Bonnie Pippen

We love our emblems! They are such a classy way to represent Christ and encourage others while on the road!

- Michael K and Michelle Moore

After riding all weekend even at incredible speeds I am still here to tell the story...As you can see the extension holding my rear tire on my bike is more bump or even one more quick take off it could have been deadly so I'm up early thanking my God for everything!!! " PSALMS 91" is my protection scripture!!!! Thanks Anointed by Grace Designs

- Kevin Conway

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