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Welcome to Anointed by Grace Designs' Wholesale Retail Store

Our Christian wholesale products are very unique and classy. Once your customers try our products, they will fall in love and keep coming back for more. They also make wonderful gift items, especially for the believer that has everything.

We have made our wholesale process very simple and affordable to encourage retailers everywhere to give our product a chance to thrive in many more places. You will find the available packages below to help get you on your way to adding our new exciting products to your inventory very simply. Whether you have a store front, online store, are looking for products to add  your vending endeavors or you want to start a fresh new business; our Christian Emblems, Christian License Plates/Frames, and Scripture Pins will give you just that edge you need to promote your success and build long lasting customers. Our products would also be great for church fundraisers! We have pre-selected each package to feature the most highly sought out products to take the guess work out of it for you and ensure the most success possible!

Give our Christian wholesale products a try today! Packages are set at wholesale prices. Simply order and your products will be sent to you within 1-2 weeks. Then you are ready to set up to sell! Suggested retail prices for Scripture Emblems, Scripture License Plates/Frames, and Scripture Pins are identical to the prices that we set on our products pages; here you can also find pictures of the products as well as descriptions.


 Shop below for Anointed by Grace Designs' Wholesale Packages

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