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  • What exactly are Scripture Emblems?
    Think of our Scripture Emblems as a modern, sophisticated bumper sticker or decal. No, it is not a magnet. It is made from ABS plastic with a sleek chrome-plated metal finish. We use a 3M adhesive foam tape on the back hat is paint safe and will not be affected by extreme weather or car washes. They will stay shiny for years to come, and they match virtually any auto exterior. Our Scripture Emblems are a great way to share the Gospel as well as confess the Word of God over your life.
  • How do i put on Scripture Emblems?
    Simply pull the paper tape off the back of the emblem and stick the emblem on a clean, flat surface. The 3M foam tape will safely adhere to your vehicle or wherever you choose to put It.
  • Where all can i put my Scripture Emblems?
    You can put them on any clean, flat surface, such as vehicles, mailboxes, front doors, suitcases, picture frames, home decor, etc. Get creative!
  • Will my Emblems fall off once properly places?
    Not at all. Our automotive-grade foam tape does the job in keeping your emblem fully adhered to your vehicle. Not only will it not fall off, but it also will not move or shift during travel. (Be sure to attach the “plate” emblems (ex: John 3:16) to flat surfaces. You have a little more flexibility with the “cut out” emblems (ex: Psalms 91)
  • Will the Scripture Emblem scratch, dent, or damage my vehicle in any way?"
    No. Absolutely not if removed properly. If for whatever reason you want to take the emblem off your vehicle, simply, but carefully, pry the emblem off. In most cases, the emblem will separate from the double-sided tape which will still be attached to your vehicle. At this time, just peel the tape off. Note: You may not be able to use the Scripture Emblem once removed, so just be a blessing and leave it on your vehicle for the owner. Don’t worry! We have plenty more!
  • How do the Scripture Emblems look in person?
    Fantastic and very shiny!
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