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Knocking on God’s Heavenly Door

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Not trusting your circumstances but relying on faith is the key to opening the blessed doors of God, for the full intent of His promises. In Mathew 7:7 it states “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.” We have to learn to take our problems to God and to not rely on ourselves to fix any problems or circumstances that we may face. That’s where prayer comes in.

Prayer is so important because it opens and strengthens the bond that we have with our savior; it lets him know that we dedicate ourselves to Him because we trust Him and for that God is truly happy. Next is reading the bible.

Reading the word is also an important tool that we have to not only build our faith but to build up the Holy Spirit within us. As our pastor always, when pressure is applied whatever is in you will come out. For example, if you have a balloon filled with juice when pressure is applied, juice is going to come out. The same principal applies to our inner spirit. If we have the Word of God in us, when we face challenges the Word of God is going to come out. The Word is what we have to stand on when satan attacks us and there is no better way to receive the word than to study, comprehend, meditate, and confess the words in the Bible.

Last, but not least when we have our Word deeply rooted in us and we are standing on it through confessions, doubt is being eliminated, faith is on the scene and the door (that He speaks about in Matthew 7:7) is being knocked on and based on God’s promises, if we knock the doors shall be opened!!

These are a great tools to start building an everlasting relationship with our God because Satan is always in action to kill, steal, and destroy and if he’s putting in so much effort to doom us, then shouldn’t we put in equal effort to show God that we love him? Think about it…

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