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Hebrews 11 Chrome-Plated Scripture Emblem

Hebrews 11 Chrome-Plated Scripture Emblem

The Hebrews 11 Scripture Emblem (7" x 1.02" x .125") gives believers a way to spread the importance of faith and it also gives believers an avenue to confess faith. This chapter gives us a clear vision of how to win in life through faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11 delivers one of the most inspirational examples of how to properly use our faith. It does this by providing us with real life demonstrations of great role models who flourished in all different kinds of faith fights.  Faith is so important because it is the one thing that Satan respects. True Christian faith intimidates him because it allows the believer to stand on every word of God without doubt and without needing to see or feel particular things to believe them. This true faith will bring joy, peace, prosperity, wisdom and many other great things in your life. By displaying this magnificent chapter we can spread the message that with faith we will always be victorious. High quality, paint safe, weatherproof, shiny chrome finish with easy peel and stick application.

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