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Proverbs 31 Chrome-Plated Scripture Emblem

Proverbs 31 Chrome-Plated Scripture Emblem

The Proverbs 31 Scripture Emblem (7" x .98" x .125") states how God sees women of faith. Confess it while also helping other women realize their true worth!This chapter begins with a mother giving advice to her son, warning him of evil to avoid and then goes into detailing the attributes of an ideal woman and virtuous wife. It describes women as business-minded, strong and noble, dependable and trustworthy, humorous and in good spirits, dignified and confident, long-suffering, and most importantly God fearing. It also gives men a great example of how to praise the women in their lives, whether it’s a spouse, mother, sister, or dear friend. This chapter really allows women to understand, confess, and spread the true potential of a woman in God’s eyes.High quality, paint safe, weatherproof, shiny chrome finish with easy peel and stick application.

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